PLANA shares vision for advanced air mobility with hybrid electric aircraft model

Media . Feb 28, 2022

PLANA, a South Korean startup developing vertical take-off and landing aircraft powered by hybrid e-powertrain, shared its vision for advanced air mobility, or AAM, with its unique model at the 2022 Drone Show Korea that ended Saturday.
Plana CEO Braden J. Kim, who studied aerospace engineering and holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering, founded the company in July last year. He most recently worked at Hyundai Motor Group’s urban aircraft mobility development team.
In his keynote speech, Kim shared a blueprint of what Plana dreams of in terms of commercialization of AAM in 2028. According to Kim, Plana will develop an AAM aircraft that runs at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour to travel a range extending beyond 500 kilometers, with one pilot and four passengers.
To achieve this goal, Plana has recruited some 30 global talents from France, Turkey, India, Japan and Australia recently.
“A type of AAM that Plana plans to present will become a new alternative to traditional use of the airports. It will also be an innovative solution that replaces other means of transportation, not only from the urban flying taxis, but to vessels and trains,” said Kim.
Kim also made it clear that Plana will pioneer the AAM market by putting safety as the top priority.
To overcome restrictions that pose hurdles, Kim said the use of batteries must be critically studied, adding that the option for hybrid-based aircraft will work as the only solution to reduce safety or battery lifespan risks.
The company will put all its resources into expanding its workforce to focus on powertrain technology development. Plana aims to become an original equipment manufacturer contractor for global aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus, he said.

Source: The Korea Herald