CP-01 Specification

Up to 6 Pax. (600 kg or 1500 lbs)
500 km (310 mi, excl. reserve miles)
Cruise Speed
300 km/h (185 mph)
Length / Wingspan
15 m (50 ft)
65 dBA (150 m, 500 ft)
Power Source
Hybrid (ESS+Generator+SAF)
Flight Rules
IFR Capability (also VFR w/ 5G+ Network)

6x full tiltroter of verical take-off
and landing capability

Retractable landing gear for
conventional take-off and landing

Single Pilot & Up to 6 Passengers
with luggage

Low drag
profile fuselage

Main wing for high glide ratio with
flaps at low transition speed

Advanced aerodynamics
with canard configuration

VFR/IFR capablity

Eco-friendly hybrid-electric
powertrain for
long-range capability

Hybrid e-Powertrain

PLANA believes that by adding a long-time proven turbine generator to the energy source of an eVTOL, we can use the battery with the most efficient and safe SOC range while enhancing the aircraft's profitability with a highly improved flight range.

Energy Storage System

Power Distribution &
Control System


Electric Propulsion Unit

Thermal Management

Differentiations from


87dB 65dB

1/100 level

  • - Operation in mega-cities (popularization)
  • - Improving social acceptance


Lift by wings

L/D > 10

  • - Reduced fuel consumption
  • - Faster flight by fixed wing
  • - Sufficient cabin space


6 tilt-rotors


  • - Combined 10-9 safety level
  • - Fully operative in failures
    (e.g. CTOL landing)



1/5 level

  • - Green generator
  • - Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)
  • - Hydrogen utilization (potential)

Differentiations from
Battery based eVTOL

Highly enhanced
flight range

Safest battery
SOC operation

Low maintenance

Leverage existing
: Take-off & Landing anywhere


The exterior of CP-01 offers seamless access to the cabin space through two-sided doors, with wide windows to maximize the view of both pilot and passengers. The in-cabin space is designed to satisfy passengers seeking productive space with comfort and privacy. Its ample interior cabin enhances passengers' privacy and personal conveniences through functional details around each seat. This customer centric design of PLANA’s CP-01 has won the 'IF Design Award 2023'.

Private partition

Mini table

Sub storage

Main storage

Mini refrigerator & cup holder

use cases

PLANA anticipates CP-01 use cases will be similar to the existing helicopter market, however CP-01 will take its peculiar business area based on its unique performance.


PLANA CP-01 can provide customized passenger travel in terms of flight time, distance, and departure and arrival locations. The spacious interior provides passengers with a more comfortable and luxurious travel experience.


PLANA CP-01 enables fast, affordable transportation of inter-island and mountainous deliveries, including medicine and organs that are difficult to cover with traditional logistics systems.

EMS & Special Mission

PLANA CP-01 can serve the public and government sectors of air ambulance, 911 & helitanker, homeland security, and law enforcement with its key features of sufficient flight range, adequate payload, and lower noise.