Skyscape partners with Plana for first eVTOL route between Korea and Japan

Media . Mar 6, 2023

Japanese Vertiport developer SkyScape will partner with Korean Hybrid eVTOL manufacturer Plana to develop the first eVTOL route between Japan and Korea.

The two companies will lay the foundation for operations and infrastructure to develop the first international route in Asia while at the same time working to promote advanced air mobility (AAM) in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Plana’s hybrid aircraft has a range of up to 500 km plus reserve, opening new opportunities for serviceable routes and access to previously unreachable locations. SkyScape’s multi-use vertiport infrastructure supports eVTOL operations from its locations, as well as other integrated AAM systems.

The result supports not only passenger operations and aircraft upkeep but also stronger community resilience, as well as improved returns for facility operators.

As Plana is set to debut in a few years time, the team will produce a Concept of Operations (ConOps) detailing operations between the two countries and the potential impact the route would have on communities within the target area.

They will be looking at bringing in various stakeholders from both countries to contribute to the work and be involved in the ConOps.

Plana co-founder Minyoung Ahn commented: “SkyScape is enthusiastically creating an AAM ecosystem in the APAC region.

“Through this partnership, we believe Plana and SkyScape will be able to develop an accessible aerial transportation network and realise it together for the benefit of the region.”

SkyScape founder Asa Quesenberry added: “We couldn’t be happier to begin this type of work with another industry leader here in the APAC market.

“The Plana team has made tremendous progress of late, has a truly impressive aircraft and shares many of the same beliefs as ours for leveraging AAM to create positive impact within our communities and regions.

“We are lucky that the region of focus is large enough to benefit citizens from two countries, not just one. As we move into a future empowered by AAM, we are excited to work directly with the Plana team to create a truly unique experience between these two countries.”

Last Friday, Volatus Infrastructure signed with Plana to work together on vertiport development and integration of eVTOL operations to strengthen the advanced air mobility industry.

Source: eVTOL insights