Plana targets full-scale, hybrid-electric eVTOL prototype by 2025

Media . Jun 6, 2023

Plana (Gyeonggi-do), a South Korean manufacturer of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, is aiming to enter the advanced air mobility (AAM) market with a full-scale prototype of its CP-01 hybrid-electric eVTOL (HeVTOL) aircraft. Targeting an unveiling in 2025, and commercial operations in 2028, Plana is taking this time to increase brand awareness and communication for customers and partners, as well as pushing forward with certification.

As reported by Global Sky Media, the six-seat aircraft, is meant to “provide a fast, efficient and eco-friendly mode of transport.” CP-01 possesses six tilt rotors and an aerodynamic exterior for maximum stability, capable of a flying range up to 500 kilometers and a cruise speed of 300 kilometers per hour. Its airframe uses composite materials. Once introduced to the market, Plana expects the HeVTOL to be “used for multiple purposes, including long-range air taxis and air ambulances.” Its hybrid powertrain will produce electric propulsion via a mix of tactics, including “turbine generators powered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), electric motors and batteries,” as reported by

In early May, Plana signed a deal with SkyTaxi (Osaka, Japan), a Daiho Taxi Group spinoff company that has run a taxi service in Japan’s Osaka region for many years. The letter of intent described Plana providing SkyTaxi with 10 CP-01 aircraft by 2030, and 40 more in 2040. It also made clear that Plana is not exploring cross-border travel.

To further achieve its goals, Plana is opening locations in the U.S. to accommodate the federal aviation administration (FAA) certification process and expand its market presence. This includes Silicone Valley and Irvine, Texas. In June, Irvine Vice Mayor Tammy Kim visited Plana’s Research and Development (R&D) Center located in Icheon, South Korea. The tour was led by Braden J. Kim, CEO of Plana, where they discussed the opening of Plana’s new Irvine office and explored opportunities for collaboration around economic development and technology innovation.

“Irvine thrives as an aerospace hub with prominent players like Parker Aerospace, Unical Aviation and Zephyr Aerospace. The AAM industry is also expanding, with emerging air taxi developers OverAir and Supernal,” Braden J. Kim, CEO of Plana, says. “Collaborating with the city on policy, business and infrastructure development paves the way for a new era in AAM. Together, we’ll revolutionize urban air mobility and shape the future of the industry.”

Source: Composites World
Plana targets full-scale, hybrid-electric eVTOL prototype by 2025