PLANA Launches New Website and Unveils Hybrid eVTOL CP-01

Press Release . Apr 19, 2023

PLANA, developer of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), has revamped its official website to provide more information and insights on its innovative technology and vision. The new website features a user-friendly design and updated content on PLANA’s aircraft development status, media releases, management activities, and industry trends.

The website also introduces PLANA’s groundbreaking hybrid electric vertical takeoff and landing (HeVTOL) aircraft, codenamed CP-01. CP-01 combines the advantages of helicopters and planes, offering fast, efficient, and eco-friendly air mobility solutions. CP-01 is expected to revolutionize the AAM market with its superior performance and design.

To further showcase its technology and potential, PLANA will also participate in various online and offline events in Korea and abroad. One of them is the World IT Show 2023 (WIS2023), which will take place at COEX in Seoul from April 19th to 21st. PLANA will share its IT expertise, collaboration opportunities, and social value propositions with the attendees.

“We are excited to launch our new website and reveal our CP-01 aircraft to the world,” said Braden J. Kim CEO of PLANA. “We hope to increase our brand awareness and communication by creating more engaging and informative content and channels for our customers and partners.”