PLANA and Bluenest Announce Strategic Partnership at Paris Air Show 2023

Press Release . Jun 20, 2023

Paris, France, June 20th, 2023 – PLANA, a developer of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) eVTOL aircraft, and Bluenest(by Globalvia), a pioneer of vertiport infrastructure, have announced a strategic partnership at the Paris Air Show 2023. The partnership aims to accelerate the development and commercialization of AAM and vertiport services and infrastructure, creating a global AAM ecosystem.

PLANA is developing CP-01, a hybrid-based AAM eVTOL aircraft that can operate up to 500 km distances and offshore. The CP-01 is designed to offer fast, safe, and sustainable mobility solutions for various applications, such as passenger transport, cargo delivery, emergency response, and tourism.

Bluenest is a subsidiary of Globalvia, a multinational transportation infrastructure and services company operating in 11 countries across three continents. Bluenest is building vertiports, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) facilities for air taxis and drones, to connect cities, places, and people. Vertiports are expected to reduce congestion, pollution, and travel time in urban areas.

The companies will collaborate on various aspects of AAM and vertiport operations, such as information sharing, hybrid eVTOL vertiport design, and business model development. The partnership will enhance the commercial value and customer satisfaction of both companies.

“Our partnership with PLANA is an important milestone in expanding the utility of our vertiport from short to medium to long haul and offshore flights,” said Jose Rodriguez, CEO of Bluenest. “Together, we look forward to accelerating the commercialization of the AAM industry, including AAM aircraft and vertiports.”

“This MoU is significant because it allows us to validate our technology capabilities and expand our business model and ecosystem,” said Braden J. Kim, CEO of PLANA. “We look forward to synergizing our technologies and know-how to expand the AAM market.”

About Bluenest

Bluenest is Globalvia’s innovation business line for advanced air mobility and vertiports management. Its objective is to be the key player in this new infrastructure for air mobility services for logistics, passenger transport, automated services with UAS and other applications offered by eVTOLs. Placing the citizen at the center, Bluenest designs and operates both vertiports and logistics lockers that will connect the new air routes with mobility on the ground, guaranteeing safe and efficient operations for all the actors in this new ecosystem.