Plana’s CP-01 HeVTOL Aircraft: A New eVTOL configuration

Media . Jul 26, 2023

Plana, a South Korean electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft manufacturer, is making progress in the advanced air mobility (AAM) market with its innovative CP-01 hybrid-electric eVTOL aircraft. With a planned full-scale prototype unveiling in 2025 and commercial operations targeted for 2028, Plana is actively focused on increasing brand awareness, improving communication with customers and partners, and progressing with certification processes.

Designed as a six-seat aircraft, the CP-01 is intended to offer a fast, efficient, and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Equipped with six tilt rotors and an aerodynamic exterior for maximum stability, the CP-01 can fly up to 500 kilometers and cruise at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour. The airframe of the aircraft utilizes composite materials. Plana envisions the HeVTOL being utilized for various purposes, including long-range air taxis and air ambulances. Its hybrid powertrain combines electric propulsion through a combination of turbine generators powered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), electric motors, and batteries.

In a recent development, Plana signed an agreement with SkyTaxi, a spinoff company of Japan’s Daiho Taxi Group, outlining the supply of ten CP-01 aircraft to SkyTaxi by 2030, with an additional forty units to be provided by 2040. The collaboration focuses on meeting the growing demand for efficient urban transportation solutions and highlights the potential of Plana’s eVTOL technology.

To facilitate the certification process and expand market presence, Plana is establishing locations in the United States, including Silicone Valley and Irvine, Texas. These facilities will cater to the requirements set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and allow Plana to engage with key stakeholders in the AAM industry.

During Vice Mayor Tammy Kim’s visit to Plana’s Research and Development (R&D) Center in Icheon, South Korea, discussions were held regarding the opening of Plana’s new office in Irvine, California. Plana’s CEO, Braden J. Kim, emphasized the collaborative opportunities in policy, business development, and infrastructure with Irvine, citing the presence of prominent players like Parker Aerospace, Unical Aviation, OverAir, and Supernal in the aerospace and AAM landscape. The partnership between Plana and the city of Irvine holds promise for the future of urban air mobility.

Through technological advancements and strategic partnerships, Plana is poised to bring about a transformation in the aerial mobility sector. The CP-01 HeVTOL aircraft presents an innovative solution for urban transportation challenges, offering a sustainable, efficient, and advanced mode of travel. As Plana advances towards its goals, it aims to shape the future of the industry and usher in a new era of urban air mobility.

Why it’s important: The emergence of Plana’s CP-01 HeVTOL aircraft holds significant importance for the aerial mobility industry. This innovative aircraft represents a major step forward in the pursuit of efficient, eco-friendly, and advanced urban transportation solutions. With its hybrid-electric powertrain, impressive flying range, and cruise speed, the CP-01 showcases the potential of eVTOL technology to revolutionize the way people commute within cities and access critical services such as medical transportation. By offering a viable alternative to traditional modes of transportation, Plana’s CP-01 paves the way for reduced congestion, lower emissions, and enhanced mobility options. This development not only pushes the boundaries of technological innovation but also opens up new possibilities for urban air mobility, transforming the way we envision transportation in the future.