Meet PLANA’s hybrid AAM eVTOL CP-01 in Oxford bricks!

Event . Aug 7, 2023

PLANA’s CP-01 is launching as bricks via Wadiz.

The CP-01 is an innovative aircraft that can freely switch between vertical take-off and landing and horizontal flight with 6 rotors that can rotate 90 degrees. We’ve designed that feature in bricks as well.

We have produced a limited number of Oxford bricks with the design of the CP-01 and launched a crowdfunding campaign on Wadiz. The funding starts at 11 am on August 7th and runs for about 3 weeks until September 4th.

Early bird supporters will receive additional gifts such as stickers and a Kids’ book, in addition to the bricks.

The brick project was carried out to raise awareness and understanding of AAM and eVTOL, which can change lives by eliminating the constraints of space and time in the future, and to let more people know that there is a startup called ‘PLANA’ that is developing a future mobility vehicle.

We ask for your interest and participation in this project.

Click here to participate in the funding: